I am fortunate...

My "Spark" for this business happened when I was 14 years old. My Sister MaryJo let me tag along to be an extra in a college film project. Not a big production...but enough. Over the years I've studied and shot on film, video tape and now digital media. The advancements in technology are truly amazing! It's a great time to be in this industry...I am fortunate. 

As a Director+DP I work with production companies, news organizations, advertising agencies and businesses to create video content for on-line and broadcast audiences. My “base" if there is such a thing, is storytelling. I began as a photojournalist, strengthened my skills by shooting documentary and expanded my cinematography knowledge while working along-side people much more talented than I am.  

Why work with me?

You’re going to get my best, every time we work together. I’m well traveled, so you can take me anywhere (just feed me). AND we’re going to have fun while working together.

Have an idea about an upcoming project? Let's chat!